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Lineaus Medicine Ball 14″


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Lineaus Medicine Ball 14″/35 cm
Weight 10 lb/4.5 KG
Double locked-stitched with 3 cords of polyester thread.
Dodecahedron (12 pentgonal faces) construction.
4-1/2 to 5 oz. full grain baseball glove cow hide.
Kapok and thread cores.


All Lineaus products are made of the finest chrome tanned leather, most widely known for its use in baseball gloves. Unlike vegetable tanned leather, chrome tanning of leather is designed to leave the pores of the leather open and, when regularly cleaned and conditioned, is the longest lasting of all leather tanning processes.

The products are filled with a blend of organic string waste and kapok. These natural fibers are designed to add weight while remaining resilient during use

Lineaus Athletic Company was founded in 1983 by Lineaus Hooper Lorette when he saw a need for a high quality medicine balls. Since the 1990s the products were hand made in his studio in Ft. Davis, Texas. His products became viewed as objects of art in addition to being extremely functional and long lasting, and over time a loyal following developed. In 2015, Lineaus Athletic Company was sold and moved to Oakland, California. The new owners are committed to continuing the tradition of high quality materials, hand crafted production, and a focus on the aesthetic beauty of the products.

How to Choose Your Medicine Ball

What product is right for you? Every person’s needs and abilities are unique, but our experience suggests the following:

  • Most men seem to prefer a 14″, 10 lb. medicine ball
  • Most women seem to prefer a 12″, 7 lb. medicine ball
  • Children seem to prefer a 10″ or 12″ medicine ball with the lowest weight possible.
  • 10″ and 16″ medicine balls are generally for sports-specific training; the 10″ ball is used mostly for basketball training, and the 16″ ball for football training.

Care & Cleaning
We recommend Lineaus branded cleaner and conditioner.

Weights & Dimensions
Every Lineaus product is custom-made and will vary slightly in weight.

All Lineaus products carry a one-year warranty against defects in materials and construction.

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